PG Company is a software manufacturing and management company, specialized in the development and distribution of gambling systems and platforms, which operates worldwide and addresses both land and ONLINE markets.
The main features of its products are designed to meet all the needs of its customers, by offering models and gaming solutions, with the aim of transforming PG Company into a value for its partners…

PG Company’s systems are designed to work with legacy platforms, making integration processes as simple as possible, or independent, providing complete solutions that can be fully customized. By its commercial logic, PG Company proposes 4 business lines:

PGVirtual, virtual games, which, thanks to the very high quality of their videos, as well as the adaptability of layouts and, moreover, considering the convincing experiences of the game, are concretely candidates to become market leaders.
PGPlatform, a global, customizable and technologically advanced gaming solution that enables the best management of user networks that, through its intuitive features and system malleability, allow highly dynamic and flexible access to all products on every part of the game.
PGAggregator, a product container that includes both developed in-house games and a whole range of gaming products offered by its partners.
PGMedia, advanced CMS,CDN and Retail Network Infrastructure platform that covers all the display products of any Sports Betting or Casino Operator.
The platform facilitates for lower Operational and Support Costs while considerably boost the Gambling Operators revenues and Sales!

The passion, dedication and professionalism promoted by its interpreters become an indispensable tool to achieve success!!!!


Why choose us?

The passionate work of every Member of our workteams has as its primary objective the creation of excellent products for any user, from system administrators to beginners.

Our software predicts all possible scenarios, including exceptional behaviors, so nothing is left to chance, everything is proven mathematically and extremely well-defined.

With all the needs of our customers in mind, our work is specifically designed to meet all the needs of our partners.

Our choice as a supplier means reliability, consistency and efficiency, ensuring the highest quality of every product supplied at all times.

Main features:

Products that can be easily integrated through APIs in an autonomous and complementary way into pre-existing systems.

Receptive layout on all devices.

Fully customizable multi-language and multi-currency products.

Low latency
Live streaming of high-resolution multi-channel content with fast transmission times.

High management standards for data and users.

Highly reliable infrastructure hosted in secure and certified environments.


The technical services provided by the PG Company meet the best standards of support quality and are guaranteed by our service level agreements. The teams that make up the different sectors of the company are able to provide activities appropriate to any customer priority, and the proposed business solutions are composed according to their needs.

PG Company guarantees through its agreements a complete set of services:

Marketing, sharing business strategies and technical tools, with the aim of expanding sales prospects.
Software maintenance, continuous product updates and upgrades.
Technical support, Remote Technical support Service 24/7.
Streaming, low latency digital transmission to several channels, on any territory.
Support for integration, constant availability of interface with a dedicated team in all phases of product distribution.
Customization, adaptation, and technical and graphics implementation, following the guidelines for each specific customer’s needs.
Guide for certification, support for technical and documentation processes to comply with the regulations in force in the territories of interest.

PG Company provides a team of experts, for each activity performed, always be careful to carry out its tasks in a rigorous, highly professional and innovation-oriented manner, providing support to partners, at all stages of the work.


PG Company interprets participation in events and fairs as a resource essential to its corporate identity, in an increasingly crowded and competitive sector, and that is why it is very important to take every opportunity to link directly with other companies in different markets.

In a winning marketing strategy, exposure to its own stand at events and fairs is considered crucial by the PG Company in order to maximize visibility and to make itself known to potential customers or suppliers, considering these factors a valid opportunity to ‘strengthen its own reputation’.

PG Company on all these occasions tends to design its efforts to pay attention to each detail, highlighting its strengths and its uniqueness, paying attention to providing a real and coherent corporate image compared to that used for the other marketing channels involved, So the PG Company tries to leave its mark by strengthening the impression it proposes.

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The proposals of the PG Company are the result of a number of different experiences coming from each of the Gaming games sectors, made available with the main objective of creating and marketing high performance products.

The sales team includes a network of internationally active agents and the products offered are sold to operators who work with local gaming licenses in their specific jurisdictions.